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I’ve had a hard time of late getting all fired up for one political party or the other.  One of the good things about being an independent is I can vote for whomever I think is the best candidate versus voting the party line.  One has to be flexible in Minnesota.  And before anyone asks, “NO” I did not vote for El Presidente nor did I vote for Hillary.  I voted Green Party much to some consternation of some people.  “You wasted your vote!” is what they told me.  I can’t tell you my retort because one never knows if lil’ old blue haired ladies, little kids, priests and nuns are around WP.  Nah, they wouldn’t like the words that I used.  Especially the nuns.

But I am wondering who is going to get my vote this coming mid-term election.  Neither party is inspiring any kind of confidence with me and neither represents what I value.

  • This isn’t Dwight Eisenhower’s Republican Party.
  • This isn’t Hubert Humphrey’s Democratic Party.

I get it if someone says “Well Jim, you just named two white men.”  Yeh, I actually do get it but the far right has hijacked Dwight’s party and the far left has hijacked Hubert’s party as well.  So I wonder where the moderates are that actually care for all working people.  The ones that care about this nation and it’s ideals that it’s supposed to be representing to the world.  I don’t see them and I’m actually considering something that I haven’t done since 1982 – not voting.  Now that is actually wasting a vote in my humble opinion.

I can deal with change.  I can deal with a woman president.  I can deal with someone who is gay or a lesbian president.  What I have a hard time dealing with is all of this hate and divide that’s going on unchecked and all of these stupid actions people are doing any more to one another.  A Pew Research study was done in 2017 and only 7% of the US adults are veterans.

Hey, you 93%!  You’re making us 7% a tad bit nervous.  Whose in charge of all ya’ll or do you normally wander around unsupervised with no clear path?

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  1. Jim for President ! xo

    PS: I didn’t vote on our last election cos we’re heading down the same road … theres nothing to vote for anymore.

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  2. We have about the same problem here. You can’t vote for the things you believe in cause the party that used to stand up for those values don’t give a xxxx about that anymore. The parties all think alike it seems so that leaves us voters to vote for little parties even though they don’t represent what you believe in. It’s very weird I think. But your vote is never wasted, remember that. By voting you defend democracy. Elections are not about guessing the winner and vote for that one, it’s about using your right to vote. I think.

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  3. Um, yeah. I never voted straight party regardless of how I’ve registered, but for the past couple elections – gotta say that changed. Now I’m feeling disgruntled with both parties, as you indicated, and have the same dilemma about the midterm elections. I have that fear of “wasting “ my vote, yet my vote seems to mean little, so maybe I’ll go for it and hope some third party can come into its own being.

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