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  1. Jim for President ! xo

    PS: I didn’t vote on our last election cos we’re heading down the same road … theres nothing to vote for anymore.

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  2. We have about the same problem here. You can’t vote for the things you believe in cause the party that used to stand up for those values don’t give a xxxx about that anymore. The parties all think alike it seems so that leaves us voters to vote for little parties even though they don’t represent what you believe in. It’s very weird I think. But your vote is never wasted, remember that. By voting you defend democracy. Elections are not about guessing the winner and vote for that one, it’s about using your right to vote. I think.

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  3. You are a man after my own heart …… 😀 See you when I am 90 . haha Seriously, great post here Jim.

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  4. Um, yeah. I never voted straight party regardless of how I’ve registered, but for the past couple elections – gotta say that changed. Now I’m feeling disgruntled with both parties, as you indicated, and have the same dilemma about the midterm elections. I have that fear of “wasting “ my vote, yet my vote seems to mean little, so maybe I’ll go for it and hope some third party can come into its own being.

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