Sunday Evening

I had a thought.  Actually I had a number of them when I was out walking this morning.  One of them was how good it felt to feel the cool morning midwestern breeze on my face when I was out for my initial walk.  Then I remembered listening to the birds calling out to one another.  The Blues Jays were off to the south somewhere and it appears we have a rather healthy cardinal population.  Then I had a number of thoughts for a blog for this morning.  Then they all vanished like a wisp of smoke in a breeze just as soon as I finished up my first walk.

Early dementia?  Maybe.  Signs that my brain still doesn’t want to function properly.  Definitely.  Some people will tell me that it’s just a sign of me getting older and they have lots of issues just like these.  But it’s not my “normal” where my brain would capture tons of irrelevant facts and figures to be recalled in some future date while watching “Jeopardy” on the TV or whenever I would be playing some game of Trivial Pursuit.

It does make for an interesting day tho.  Stress slows down and what I was thinking before sometimes pops back into my lil’ pea brain as a new idea once again.  A “new normal“?  Maybe it’s not going to end up as a bad thing after all.

Art Sunday #181: Nan Phelps – Flowers in a Blue Vase


Nan Phelps (née Hinkle; August 25, 1904 – January 17, 1990), was an American folk artist from London, Kentucky. Phelps’ work has often been compared to the more famous Grandma Moses in both style and subject matter.

Phelps paintings not only varied in subject matter they also varied greatly in size and media. She produced paintings that ranged in size from 1” by 1” miniatures to 6’ by 17’ murals. Additionally, Phelps would paint not only upon canvas but also on natural objects such as seashells and rocks. Phelps works continue to be displayed in galleries, churches, museums, embassies, and private residences throughout the world.