I’m a Product of Depression Era Kids


My oldest has determined that the old man is losing it … as in starting to show some dementia.  I salvage and repair and put back into use whereas she’s more of a “throw this away and get another new one“.  She’s like a lot of other men and women in their 30’s in as much as she (and others) have succumb to the Madison Avenue marketing schemes and believes that once something is broken it must be replaced with something new.

I on the other hand listened to Momma, my step Dad, my aunts and uncles and the older men and women in my neighborhood talk about how bad things were in the 1930’s.  The biggest phrase that I heard was “Don’t waste _________!” (insert whatever you shouldn’t waste and a lot of times it was paper).  That and “Eat your supper.  There are starving children in China who would be grateful to have what’s on your plate.”

The older gentlemen that I knew were quite the handy men.  They knew a lot about fixing things and getting them back running mainly because they grew up and lived during a time when there wasn’t a whole lot of money to spare so you kept things in good order and repair to make them last as long as possible.  I used to marvel at how they could fix things at their work bench.  It always appeared to me that they could work with the precision of Edison and take something that was broken and magically make it functional once again.

So I try to do the same.  The water fountain wasn’t working and no one wanted it.  A little silicone, a new pump, a couple bucks in some plumbing parts and  … Voila’ … it was working as good as new.  She had a rain barrel that was missing some pieces and was going to send it to recycle.  She gives it to me and I let it sit because Lord knows I have too many projects as it is.  I cleaned it up today, found the parts on-line that I needed and I’ll put it back into use soon enough.  As I view it, I spent $30 on something that would have cost me over $100+ to buy from our friends in Canada Land.  Besides, I kept it from going to recycling.

Yeh, I failed her somehow.  Maybe someday she’ll wise up.

Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain.  Let’s see what I can come up with so I’m not drug over to the dark side.

1. This dazzling south metro lifestyle that I have is almost too much for me to bear.  I have to work on one of my bird feeders today and then it’s back to giving Petey its once a year thorough detailing.  Then I get to mow the grass tomorrow.  Exciting life, huh?  I may even mop the kitchen floor after a bit for an encore.

2. Man, the skeeters are bad out there at night.  I’m thinking they’re all congregating outside and conspiring when they can all jump me and drain me of all of my blood.

3.  I’ve noticed that my bank card is quick to send me a statement on what I owe on a card but they’re not so good with posting payments.  It’s all a scam anywho.

4.  Why is it that whenever I need a quote to get my asphalt driveway re-sealed that the companies that do this on my area drag their feet but whenever I don’t need it done I have massive numbers of flyers in my mailbox selling their service?  Ugh!

5. I’d still like to sneak in a short vacation this year but it’s beginning to look more and more doubtful that I’ll do it.  *sigh

There ya have it.  It took a while from start to finish but I did it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a massive “Howdy Doo!” when passing thru.   🙂