Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning


My gummys spent the night after watching the 4th of July fireworks last night.  They were two tired wee ones and didn’t roll out of bed until almost 8:30 this morning.  I need some bird seed for one of my feeders so I told them we would go over to the cat store after everyone is all cleaned up and sparklie.

Yeh, we had some rain yesterday but it all blew out and went over to Cheese Land.  Nice photo, huh?  There’s a nice cool breeze out of the north today that’s pushing all of the humidity out of here.  It feels good when I’m out walking this morning.

The wall that I damaged when I fell a couple weeks back is all repaired now.  Physical things are easy to repair.  Mental things are not so easy to repair.  Sure the wall is fixed but it still bothers me to no end that I fell like I did.  Well, at least one chore is crossed off the list of things to get done this week.

I think it’s a strawberry jelly making day tomorrow.  I should have more than enough to fill my empty jars.

More later.  🙂

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