My “D’oh!” Morning Thus Far


First one:  I’m out for my first long PT walk of the day.  I’m on my second lap when I stop to talk with my neighbor.  The next thing I know, 15 minutes has gone by and my FitBit had quit giving me exercise credit which means I have to start all over again.  Ugh!

Second one:  I finish cleaning up the kitchen after the gummys had their breakfast when I go to start a morning bath for them.  “Smash!” goes my toes against the corner of the wall.  Yeh, there was bleeding afterwards and on the freshly washed shower mat too.  It took some pressure and a bandaid but the bleeding stopped after I “Pulled a Ritu“.  Ugh!

Third one:  My dough hook for my Kitchenaid mixer is all tarnished.  I do a Google search and the info on Google says that I’m not supposed to be throwing it into the dishwasher to clean it.  Oh dopey me.  Yanno, it may be a gooder idea to actually read the directions next time..  Ugh!  I do the research to find out how to clean it all up and make it look new once again.  Fifteen minutes later it dawns on me that I have a can of “Bar Keepers Helper” which will do the job quite nicely.  Ugh!  Why didn’t it dawn on me sooner???

Last one (so far today but I’m sure there are others to follow):  I hop in the shower to get cleaned up and I forget that I have a bandaid covering a new toe wound.  No worries.  The shower water reminds me.  Ugh!

Maybe someone can just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.