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    Are you named after anyone? No. My sisters and I are all DR’s Deborah Rose Donna Ruth Darlene Rae and Doreen Renee
    When was the last time you cried? When I think of things my late husband did not get to do before he passed away.
    If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I hope so but I have some lifelong friends who have been way better friends to me than I have to them.
    Do you use sarcasm a lot? I have a talent for it, yes.
    What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their smile and their eyes.
    What is your eye color? Usually green, sometimes blue, it’s like I have two natural mood rings.
    Scary movie or happy endings? I like thrillers but no blood and gore, scary ones but no blood and gore and crime drama with limited blood and gore and sometimes funny stuff.
    Favorite smells? When a lawn or a hay field has just been mown however it makes me sneeze now.
    Fresh linen air fresheners and flowers I love the smell of lilacs.
    What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? From Cookeville/Baxter TN to Oklahoma City OK south to Florida to the beach might be a toss up on distance.
    Do you have any special talents? I play a little guitar even though I haven’t practiced in a long time and I love to crochet and do other crafts.
    Where were you born? Cookeville TN USA
    What are your hobbies? Crocheting, computering, writing, reading when it does make me fall asleep.
    Do you have any pets? No, my devoted cat Missy passed away Nov 2017 at over ten years old.
    What do you want to be when you grow up? A Hermit
    Who was your first best friend? Rhonda and Sherron and Cindy that I’ve known over 40 years and they still talk to me and are awesome friends to have.
    How tall are you? At least 1″ shorter than my late husband which he always said he was 5’8″ so that makes me 5’7″ but it think it was a bit of a stretch.
    How many countries have you visited? Only USA.
    What was your favorite/worst subject in High School? Loved science except for Chemistry and hated Math
    What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume? Drink Good Coffee Animal All Perfume Georgio but I can usually only afford Primo
    What Sports do you play/Have you played? I love to try to play volleyball but I am not coordinated and was always the last one picked for any sports.
    Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? 365 Days of Granny Squares by Nadia and songs from the series Blacklist.
    How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had? Don’t want to try to count, most were mistakes but I learned something from all of them.
    Favorite memory from childhood? Playing with the neighborhood kids.
    How would you describe your fashion sense? I clean up nicely. Mostly jeans and t-shirts in the summer jeans and sweatshirts in the winter and occasionally capris in the summer to break the monotony.
    What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?) Motorola (Hello Moto) pay as you go phone.

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