29 comments on “My D’Oh Moment for this Year

  1. I once took out an entire driver’s side door by parking next to one of those concrete pillars. It was bad enough that I hit the pillar pulling in, but then I had to back out – and hit it a second time. I blame the 1986 Mercury Marquis station wagon because it was such a monster. Surely, it wasn’t my driving. Regardless, hubby was not pleased. And I never again parked next to one of those pillars, even if it was the last spot available.

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    • surely the explanation lies elsewhere versus your driving habits. I read somewhere on the Net that there is a phenomenon called a “Parking Ramp Gremlin” that will distract a driver so he/she will end up doing silly things in a parking ramp.

      that’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it.

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  2. Poor Petey! Good thing for body shops, she will look as good as new when they are done. Wait, is Petey a girl or a boy? And if Petey is a girl, whey is her name Petey? 😛

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    • boy’s cars are always girls and girl’s cars are always boys. I don’t make the rules; I just follow them like the good kid that I am.


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