My D’Oh Moment for this Year

For our ingredients:

  • Take one brain damaged man.
  • A parking ramp in St. Paul.
  • Narrow parking spots.
  • One car  that was freshly repainted last October.
  • Front wheels pointed left when actually parked in said narrow parking spot with one semi new freshly painted car.
  • An immovable concrete pillar to the right of subject parked car.
  • Noting that the front wheels need straightened out first “BEFORE” attempting to back out.
  • Forgetting that vital piece of instruction 10 seconds after noting it.
  • Being reminded that it’s important to focus and not forget vital pieces of information when you hear metal and paint scrapping against said immovable concrete pillar when backing said car out of said narrow parking spot after work today.


Oh well.  I guess my auto body friend always needs work.  Sorry Petey.  😦


29 responses to “My D’Oh Moment for this Year

  1. I once took out an entire driver’s side door by parking next to one of those concrete pillars. It was bad enough that I hit the pillar pulling in, but then I had to back out – and hit it a second time. I blame the 1986 Mercury Marquis station wagon because it was such a monster. Surely, it wasn’t my driving. Regardless, hubby was not pleased. And I never again parked next to one of those pillars, even if it was the last spot available.

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    • surely the explanation lies elsewhere versus your driving habits. I read somewhere on the Net that there is a phenomenon called a “Parking Ramp Gremlin” that will distract a driver so he/she will end up doing silly things in a parking ramp.

      that’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it.

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  2. Poor Petey! Good thing for body shops, she will look as good as new when they are done. Wait, is Petey a girl or a boy? And if Petey is a girl, whey is her name Petey? 😛

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    • boy’s cars are always girls and girl’s cars are always boys. I don’t make the rules; I just follow them like the good kid that I am.