Random Thoughts for It’s Only Tuesday


It dawned on me yesterday afternoon right when I was finished with my chores that some sun tea in a mason jar with some ice would have tasted great.  It’s funny how my brain didn’t let it occur to me considering I grew up on the stuff.  Oh well.  Better later than never … or forgetting again.

Sure, I get Petey a bath to clean her up and it’s supposed to rain.  She will hopefully be in the garage if and when it does rain.  Me?  I’ll be walking in it if possible.

So I get up early in the morning, get clean and sparklie, have some coffee, take off early so I can get to the DMV to get a new drivers license and I find out that it’s only cash or check and the checkbook is at home.  That’s a stop on the drive home tomorrow afternoon now.  At least I know where this station is now.  I’m not braining very well right now am I?

At least all of this heat is good for working outdoors and sweating some of this extra weight off.  The garden is loving it too.  I gotta get my spuds planted soon.

It’s almost time to leave to start PT.  I’m still wondering when the second Neurologist’s office is gonna call me and schedule an appointment.