Monday Morning

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The other two suitors have left and are long gone.  But one Mallard drake has returned every day since Saturday afternoon.  He walks around my yard quacking and searching.  Is he her mate?  I think he is.  I hurt when I see him because I know in my heart of hearts he is confused and wondering where she is and why he can’t find her.  I keep telling him that she’s gone but he’s persistent.  It hurts to watch.

Random Thoughts for Monday


I can’t hardly believe that this gadget that I rigged up is actually working.  It’s doing a pretty good job actually.  I have the temperature almost perfect but the humidity is still off.  That’s OK I guess.  I’m going to assume not all Momma ducks are the same.  I’m religious about turning the eggs four times a day but Wednesday is going to be a problem since I have to go in that day.  Well, we will figure something out.

One would think that I would have lost more weight yesterday given all of the yard work and outdoor chores that I did.  I’ll take the pound but I need to do better.

My work partner is over in Cheese Land playing farmer this week with her beau.  Things hopefully won’t be too hectic this week with her gone.

My white crab apple trees have lost all of their blossoms.  Now the pink crab apple trees are losing theirs.  It’s like a shower of light pink snow out there when the breeze kicks up.

I just realized that I’m going to have to make a brooder for these things for whenever they hatch.  There’s a research project.