Random Thoughts for Hump Day

It was one of those days where I had extra vacation time to spend so I took the day off cuz I could.  IO had lunch with a friend of mine who is an expectant father (and nervous in the service about it) and did some chores outside.  One would have sworn that I was melting given just how much I was sweating out there.  Now I just have to get kin the mood to go to work in the morning.

I’m having problems once again when I type.  Extra letters appear out of nowhere and words aren’t really word.  Good thing for spellcheck.  Words also disappear even tho I could swear that I typed them.

Critter Report:  Momma duck is still looking for a place top nest unless she’s already found a place and I haven’t noticed it yet.  I have noticed that her boy friend has disappeared and her other two potential suitors appear to have lost interest.  Well, you know guys:  Love em and leave em.  I’m sure I’ll find her nest soon enough.  She’s still hanging around to feed on the bird seed.