Question for Today


I toured England, Cornwall, Wales and Scotland back in 2014 cuz I’m a bit of an Anglophile.  That and I wanted some decent fish and chips other than what I can buy at  Long John Silver’s. Anywho, I had a great time and a great vacation there.  “Yes” I had a pasty in St. Ives.

We were in a coach (bus) on our way to Lands End when we passed this farm in Cornwall.  One of the American ladies on the coach made a comment about some stone walls that she had seen and I commented that they were steeplechase jumps for the famous “Cornwall Steeplechase Herefords“.  She looked at me with this quizzical look on her face and I told her this line of blarney about it being a tradition dating back to Julius Caesar conquering Britain and how the Romans would jump Herefords over stone walls in a competition for wine, women and sex only now contestants get a silver trophy and a bottle of champagne.

I told her that they were also a very rare breed of Hereford and it was very, very expensive to buy a competition eligible Hereford.  For some reason she believed me.  Our tour guide, a rather gregarious but proper British gentleman, just shook his had and laughed to himself when he overheard me.  I don’t think he ever straightened her out and she probably still believes that line to this day.

Question:  What was the best line of blarney that you’ve ever told and someone actually believed you?

BTW … a Hereford is a cow.  Yanno?  Moo? (see photo below)