Random Thoughts For A “It’s Almost Friday” Morning

What are the odds that all three of my camera batteries would be dead at the same time?  I almost always have the spare battery charged just in case my two in my battery grip go dead.  Boy, I slipped up on this one.

Critter Report:  Momma Duck appears to be wanting to nest under one of my neighbor’s low hanging evergreen trees.  She is having a field day cleaning up the bird seed that the birds throw out of two of the feeders.  That cracked corn with red pepper on it is making her one spicy duck.

I am one wore out cat after going in to work yesterday.  It is so emotionally and mentally draining now.  That and I found that it’s hard maintain focus as well since there are too many distractions.

It’s so green here now and my crab apple trees are leafing out nicely.  The white trees are getting ready to blossom.  I love it when they actually do because the blossoms smell so good.  Too bad it doesn’t last for very long and a nice strong rain can wipe them out in a heart beat.