Tuesday Morning


There’s nothing like starting the day with a light Spring rain tho we do need some all day rains.  But I’m gladly taking what I’m given with no complaints considering what I was dealing with a month ago.  April went out with a bang.  Yesterday was a glorious 82*F (28C).  I’m loving it.

So I found that I had some primer and some exterior white paint.  Now I just need to ask the paint people at my store of dreams about the smallest size of exterior paints that I can buy.  The girls are definitely going to be busy kiddos come Saturday.  They should all sorts of fun painting tho and I suspect that Opa will have a mess to clean up afterwards.  It’s all good tho.  Kids and messes go together.  That and we’ll do it in the garage where anything spilled on the floor is no big thing to me.