Five for Friday


Well, it’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain and try to prevent it from pulling me over to the Dark Side.  Let’s see …

1. It’s definitely Spring and duck mating season once again.  The ducks are sitting up on the roofs once again.  I’ve never quite figured out what they’re doing up there.  Maybe she’s scoping out a new nest area for the year.  Maybe he’s eyeballing who is trying to steal his girl friend from him.  Regardless, I think “Ducks on the Roof” are kinda sorta funny but that’s just me.

2.  God, I love watching the icky bad white stuff melt in front of my eyes.  It’s a beautiful day once again and forecasted to be even warmer next week.

3.  They are working the dog poop out of me this week.  Uncle Sugar is definitely getting his money’s worth out of me.

4.  I think I’ll make a run to my store of dreams to pick up some materials to make some bird houses.  I have the bird house plan, the bill of materials and I have it all figured out how I will cut out the pieces.  I figure the gummys can help me assemble them and then they can put a coat of primer on them.  Then they can come back another weekend to paint them so they can take them home to hang from their trees.  That will be a fun project for them.

5. I should be able to start planting my garden in two weeks!  Woo hoo!

That’s it for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or wave “Hidey Ho!” on your way thru if’n ya want.   🙂