Tuesday Morning


So I’m wondering just how many bunnies that actually have running around out there.  The icky bad white stuff in my front yard is just littered this morning with tracks that weren’t there last night when I went to bed.  Too funny.

And “Yes” that little bandit showed back up this morning.  I watched it cross the snow and sneak in like a thief.  I let it feed for a while before I chased it off the feeder.  It’s one of God’s creatures too and it’s natural food supply is probably limited right now.  All it cost me was a little bird seed that I can easily replace.

I threw out some more seed on to the snow for the Juncos to pick up.  It’s funny how they have painted the snow with their hundreds of foot prints.  They’ve been great company along with my ever faithful Chickadees over this winter.

In the meanwhile, the skies are blue and the sun is out and warm today.  We shall see what this weekend brings.