Hump Day


Finally!  Some weather that is a typical central Minnesota Spring day.  Will it last?  God only knows but I’m taking them as they come and I’m definitely not complaining.  Temps are still below normal which puts us behind and my yard/garden plans behind.  It’s all good tho.

I can’t help but watch what’s going on in the news.  What bothers me in particular is the high number of Republicans that are bailing out and leaving Congress.  I’ pretty sure that there are a number of people hooting and hollering because they elected to go but I tend to wonder who the party will put up to run as their replacement.  Are they going to be putting up someone who wants to carry a tiki torch at night?  Are they going to put up someone who wants to tear families apart?

I suppose that last question/thought may come across as being one that’s odd coming from my background.  I think we as a country have lost a lot of compassion and humanity towards other people and we’ve also lost the will to work together for a common good.  I dunno any more.  I wish I had some answers but I don’t.