Ha Ha! The Things You Find while Spring Cleaning.


I found a box up top a shelf in my closet and in the words of a Senior Master Sergeant that I worked for used to say “There’s enough dust on there to grow tomatoes!”  I found folders with old PSC orders and TDY orders.  I figured no one was going to go back and audit anything from the 1990’s so I decided to shred the stuff and I found this while going thru a folder from when I was at a radar station in Turkey.

When was I that skinny?  What the hell happened to my hair too?  That pic would scare rats back onto the Titantic.  LOL!

Navy bro will get the joke!

My Elusive Spring


My Spring evades me once again like a young woman running away and laughing.

Daring me to give chase with her smile and laugh and the twinkle of the devil in her eye.

When will I catch you?

When will you bathe me in golden sunlight and warm breezes once again?

I’m tired of the Ice Maiden and her chilly fingers.

I want the green fields and flowers of my youth once again.

I want the world to be new.