I’m On Involuntary Servitude Right Now


Which is also known as “Spring Cleaning” in my house.  I may as well get this going since the Spring upgrade download has been delayed.  Besides, I’ve had plenty of practice with this for years by taking part in that old and loved military tradition known as the “G.I. Party“.  My Navy bro knows what I mean.

Yep.  No balloons, no cake, no dancing and no perty girls in cocktail dresses.  Just lotsa motivation to get it right the first time lest you get to do it all over again.  Anyone who has ever been in basic training has learned several vital life skills such as:

  • When to keep you mouth shut.
  • Never volunteer.
  • Always get the last words which were almost always “Yes Sir/Ma’am” and “No Sir/Ma’am“.
  • There is actually a religion in this world known as “You call this clean?” and one learned how to get religion fast.
  • How to make a bed with hospital corners.

Ah “Yes”.  Basic Training.  Go in looking like a hippy and come out looking like a “pinger” with some “G.I. Joe Birth Control Glasses“.

What’s a “pinger” you ask?  It’s when you rub the hair on the top of your head with your hand and the short little stubs go “ping, ping, ping“.

Art Sunday #169: Aleksandra Ekster

Aleksandra Ekster - Tutt'Art@ -

Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Ekster (1882-1949) cubo-futurist, suprematist, constructivist and designer is one of most famous Russian Avant Garde female painters that gained international recognition. She was a multi talented artist – a painter, ceramist, graphic artist, clothes designer. Alexandra Ekster would also become a co-founder of the Art Deco. In Paris, Aleksandra Ekster was a personal friend of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who introduced her to Gertrude Stein. In 1914, Ekster participated in the Salon des Indépendants exhibitions in Paris, together with Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Archipenko, Vadym Meller, Sonia Delaunay-Terk and other French and Russian artists.

Source:  https://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.com/2011/09/aleksandra-aleksandrovna-ekster-1882.html