Five for Friday

Well it’s that time of week where I once again do battle with my brain for the ultimate control of my destiny.  Let’s see …

1. Global Warming my cold butt Al Gore!  It’s cold and breezy out there this morning.  It’s a rather tropical 15*F (-10C) with a wind chill of 5*F (-15C).  It made for some rather cool weather for my first walk in the morning.  The poor robins are huddled against the garage door, the south side of my shed and the south side of my place to get out of the wind.  I’ll have to make sure the bird bath is kept filled with water.  They are feasting on the little crab apples from my crab apples trees which is good for them and me.

2.  I’ll have to make a run to the “Cat Store” for some more bunny feed tomorrow.  The gummys call the feed store the “Cat Store” because they have cats in an enclosed area that are up for rescue. I’ll hafta check if I need some more bird seed too before I go.

3. This is a good weekend for some beef stew me thinks.  That and a glass of some good wine.  I’ll hafta stop buy my favorite store to see if they have the small bottles of wine like you get on Lufthansa flights.

4. It’s been incredibly hard to write anything lately.  I have to old enemies that creep into my mind in the late afternoon and evening.  We’ll find a way to work thru it and manage once again.  🙂

5.  We’ve gotta get a rain dance or a Spring dance or something to get a new Spring going around these parts.  I dunno what kinda dance someone was doing.


There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or drop me off something to keep myself warm.  🙂