Wednesday Night

Today was going along pretty good but someone had to dip in my bucket.

My brain doesn’t work like it once did and words are sometime jumbled whenever I type them.

But someone just had to point out the mistake.

I sent back a simple response – “Asshole!

I’m sure my boss will say something tomorrow.  He probably won’t like that I used an exclamation mark.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


So Mother Nature pulled a belated April Fool’s joke on us.  “Spring???  Ha Ha!!  Surprise!”  Yeh, I don’t think it’s one bit funny and you’re late too.  This does nothing for my winter depression.  I’m tired of this but my expectations are also unreasonable.  We’ll be OK just as long as we don’t have a repeat of “The Winter That Doesn’t Want To End”.  Global Warming my butt Al Gore!

I’m running out of bunny feed but it’s OK since none came to visit me the past two nights.  I know that because there are no tracks in this icky bad white stuff.

The Black Birds  returned and took over the feeders late yesterday afternoon.  I must have had 25 or so of them in my yard and on my feeders.  All they ended up doing was pushing the other birds out.  I had to bring the feeders in to get them to go away … for now.  They’ll be back.

I love working with managers who “shop” for answers.  They don’t like what you tell them?  They go over your head to someone else.  LOL.  they crack me up.

At least that icky bad white stuff made for a good workout this morning.  All I need is my last cup of coffee and I’m styling.  🙂