Monday Night


I spent most of the afternoon and part of this evening working on a new project.  Opa promised the gummys that they would be ready for painting when they showed up this weekend.  They weren’t all sanded in this pic but they are right now.  I just need to run an errand tomorrow for some wood putty for some filler but we should have them ready for primer come Thursday afternoon.  It should be interesting to see how the girls paint theirs.  Opa is settling for plain old barn red and white for his.


Art Sunday #172: Emile Bernard – Peasants in a Meadow


Émile Henri Bernard (28 April 1868 – 16 April 1941) was a French Post-Impressionist painter and writer, who had artistic friendships with Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Eugène Boch, and at a later time, Paul Cézanne. Most of his notable work was accomplished at a young age, in the years 1886 through 1897. He is also associated with Cloisonnism and Synthetism, two late 19th-century art movements. Less known is Bernard’s literary work, comprising plays, poetry, and art criticism as well as art historical statements that contain first-hand information on the crucial period of modern art to which Bernard had contributed.



Saturday Evening

Lotsa outdoor work today plus lotsa fresh air.  All of my garden beds are thawed and all of their soil has been turned.  All that is left is to get a truckload of garden soil to tope them all off and then let them sit overnight after a good soaking.  Then they’re ready for the new year.

All of this fresh air and work outdoors means that I’m one tired cat.  I know I’ll be sleeping good tonight.

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Have you ever wondered what sort of income it takes to live the life of some folks you follow on social media. Some folks travel a lot and that’s gotta be expensive with airfare, hotel, eating at restaurants. My bank account couldn’t do that. Some folks seem to employ a photographer for their Instagram photos […]

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