Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again to do battle with that part of my brain that says that I can’t do this.  Let’s see …

1. I wish I knew why my BP was up instead of being where it has been for the longest time.  My weight has gone up too even tho I’ve been routinely exercising.  I guess it’s time to get in and see my regular saw bones.

2. I keep getting companies following me and I keep removing them.  I only follow real people and not companies.  I’m not here to help them grow their business.  Besides, I don’t get a piece of the action so why should I be helping them?

3. That sun sure feels warm and good when I’m outside walking.  Of course I do have on a black fleece zip up hoodie which absorbs those sun rays when I’m out there walking about.

4.  OK, so it’s Good Friday and I really don’t feel like working that hard today on a training presentation.  I get it that I just can’t sit around all day.  I’ll manage somehow.

5. It’s time to get my garden fork out and start turning some garden soil over so it thaws faster.  I also have some beds that need cleaned up a bit and then topped off with some more garden soil.  I’ll just refer to it as “garden dirt” cuz I can.  I get to start laying out beds for planting purposes very, very soon.  Woo hoo!!

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave some Easter chocolate for the Easter Bunny if you are so inclined.  Of course, that bunny is me.  🙂