And for this Wednesday morning before Easter …


The sun is coming up, the birds are singing and there’s frost on the pumpkins.  Wait!  Wrong season.  There’s frost on the ground and on the roof of the shed.  Meds are taken, I have a fresh cup of coffee and I’m ready to take on the day.  Now I’m wondering what El Presidente is up to today.  I better pray …

Our most merciful and heavenly Father,

Please don’t let El Presidente do anything more stupid than he did the day before and the day before that.  Better yet, can you give someone … anyone … the moral fiber and courage to get him out of office?  I mean really, is that too much to ask?  I’ll do anything that you ask if you answer this prayer.

There.  I feel better now.

17 responses to “And for this Wednesday morning before Easter …

  1. GOOD MORNING OH WONDERFUL…..wait. wrong blog.
    Good Morning oh great o….wait…..hmmmmmmmm
    GOOD MORNING TO YOU oh funny one!! ……….That’s it!

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