So for this Monday Morning …


Hey!  We had rain last night.  OK, it was a cold rain.  A really cold rain.  I mean “cold”.  Uh huh.  Colder than that.  As in “freezing cold”.  OK.  It was a frozen rain.

OK, you’ve got me.  It snowed but it didn’t amount to much and it didn’t stick to the roads.  Sheesh!  Are ya happy now?

Hey!  On the plus side, I had a bunny feeding at the feed dish this morning.  It was a nice fat one too.  I sure hope it’s faster than Garfield.  I wonder where that cat went to?

4 responses to “So for this Monday Morning …

    • it all depends on what happens in the Arctic nd the jet streams. I called the winter of 2012 – 2013 “The Winter That Didn’t Want To End” because it was snowing right up into May. we usually have snow out sometime between now and April 15th.

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      • it’s just a matter of becoming acclimated where one lives I suppose. you would get used to it just like I would get used to the weather around York if I were to live in that part of England. there are times however when I wonder if I had lost my mind by moving here when it’ bitter cold out there.

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