Monday Evening


I’ve forgotten how the air feels and smells after the first rain of a new Spring.  I’ve forgotten how clean and fresh the air smells now that some rain washed away the snow mold that’s been exposed and washed away some of the late season Winter dirt.  Nature has started her Spring cleaning once again.  It’s a cycle that’s as old as time.  It helps make the world new once again.

Everything is reawakening once again after a long central Minnesota hibernation.  The skies are grey just like the groggy haze one feels right after waking up in the morning.  Everything will brighten once again in its own due time.  But walking in this afternoon’s rain was like waking up to fresh brewed coffee in the morning.


Rain!  It’s actually raining here once again.  It’s been what?  Last October since I’ve last seen and felt rain?  Maybe it was last September.  Who knows and who actually cares?  This is a lot better than that icky bad white stuff.  🙂


So for this Monday Morning …


Hey!  We had rain last night.  OK, it was a cold rain.  A really cold rain.  I mean “cold”.  Uh huh.  Colder than that.  As in “freezing cold”.  OK.  It was a frozen rain.

OK, you’ve got me.  It snowed but it didn’t amount to much and it didn’t stick to the roads.  Sheesh!  Are ya happy now?

Hey!  On the plus side, I had a bunny feeding at the feed dish this morning.  It was a nice fat one too.  I sure hope it’s faster than Garfield.  I wonder where that cat went to?