My “To Do List” for this Weekend

1. Mutter and swear underneath my breath tomorrow morning at the snow the Ice Maiden actually drops on us.  Then get out the shovel and clear the sidewalk and drive.

2. Get with my hero Iggy to help throw frozen pooh at the fat man in North Korea.

3. Help my hero Iggy throw some fresh pooh at the fat man with the little hands who occupies the White House.

4. Go to the Walmart and hide in a clothing rack.  Then wait for someone to move some of the clothes so I can yell “Hey!  I’m changing in here!” at them.

5. Have a nice glass of wine Sunday evening and smile cuz I wasn’t arrested for doing any of the above.

17 responses to “My “To Do List” for this Weekend

  1. Evenin’, Jim,
    Us guys are on our way to Atlanta, right now, so we can march tomorrow in the March For Our Lives. There will be lots of speeches and yelling but we are really behind the kids from Marjory Stoneman in Florida. There’s 47 of us on this bus and it’s very noisy so I’ve got to go and pass out the snacks!👍👊

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      • Mornin’, Jim,
        looks like pretty good weather today for the March . Mid sixties and cloudy weather. we’re having our breakfast and waiting to hear where the meet-up will take place. lots of friendly and motivated People are here! Yahoo!👊 (no poop fighting)


      • We definitely were! Turned out to be raining most of the day but that didn’t stop 60000+ of us from marching! We also got to shake hands with a genuine hero, Representative John Lewis who gave an excellent speech! His message was “Never give up!” and we sure won’t! 👊
        ^^ 🙊Iggy, Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Larry

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