Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


I am so ready to stab the eyes out of the Ice Maiden.  “Yes” my patience has ran thin and “Yes” this is probably incessant whining on my part.  I really don’t want to see any more “Winter Storm Warnings” until next December.  OK, that’s my rant for today.

Critter Report I finally saw the creature that is wandering my yard after dark.  I went to take a look to see if any of the bunnies were feeding and I see this black thing doing a low crawl under my deck.  I grabbed a Mini Mag flashlight and lo and behold it’s a orange and white Tomcat.  There was no collar so I’m assuming that’s feral.  I’m also assuming it’s slinking in to either grab some of the field mice eating the bird seed the birds throw on the ground or maybe make a quick grab for a bunny.  It’s doing no real harm so I’ll leave it alone and let it do some mouse control for me.  I think I’ll refer to it as “Garfield” from here on out.

All of my work is caught up so I have time to kill to do some things around the house.  It helps my mood which has been going somewhat downhill lately.  I think warmer weather and a chance to bird some birdhouses, work in my garden and start laying out  some improvements will go a long ways to keeping spirits up or getting them back up to where they should be.

I have to do a much better job of reading posts from the people that I follow.

I keep reading the news out of DC and I keep rolling my eyes.  I’m ready to head to the Bitterroot or similar places.

7 responses to “Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

  1. I’ll hold her down while you stab her. This has been one of the longest winters I remember. Of course I have memory problems so it might just be the longest winter since last winter. ha ha
    Hang in there, nicer weather IS coming, it is just taking its sweet time about getting here.


  2. Hooray! You’ve been adopted by a cat! Lucky you 🙂

    If he’s really feral, maybe he’d enjoy some extra food from you? Fed cats are better hunters and you wouldn’t have to worry about sweet little mice eating through the floor into your house.


  3. Thanks for doing in the snow man. I’m digging out of close to twelve inches of snow this morning. Like you, I’m tired of winter. Hopefully, with global warming, winters in Pennsylvania will start to be like Florida, and winter in Minnesota will be……… still pretty cold, but not as bad as they are now.


    • it’s really not that much different than learning to live south of here. you have to learn to live with the heat and the humidity and the tornadoes and the bugs and the hurricanes on the Gulf coast. I had to learn to acclimate to the weather whenever the Air Force sent me to southern states for a course or for a training school.

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