Wow Again!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 4.56.46 PM

That’s a lot of walking since last April.  And no pictures of that fabulous country either?  Now that’s a disappointment.  I for one would have liked to have at least had some photo ops on this particular walk.

I wonder what’s next?  Don’t tell me.  It will spoil the surprise.   🙂


The People That I Work With Crack Me Up


Well at least I’ll give them credit for being entertaining at times.  However on the Jim Scale where …

1 = “You lack any kind of imagination and zombies won’t eat you cuz they’re looking for brains and you obviously have none so you’re safe” and a …

10 = “Bravo!  That was good and I’ll have to write that one down to use later on.

I will be the East German judge and give them a 2.1 because I’ve already seen it and heard it  from others well before they ever showed up for the show.  Their comments were  totally lacking in creativity and original thought and on the same level as a 6 year old petulant child.

They crack me up with their thinking that I’ll even consider letting these swamp things drag me into their swamps.  I just responded with one of those “Oh!  You didn’t like that.  Well you’re really gonna hate this then.

Ha ha!