And for the first day of Spring …


The Ice Maiden decided not to go without a fight.  Lucky us, huh?  It’s what it does here at this time of year.  I keep reminding myself that there is always an abbreviated Spring and an abbreviated Fall here in central Minnesota.  It will warm once again soon and the snow and ice will continue to melt and go away.

28 responses to “And for the first day of Spring …

  1. Evenin’, Jim,
    The Spring Equinox is always a weather toss up down here and it was stormy and awful all day. I haven’t had much time to comment on blogs because we’ve been spending every free moment at our community center certifying volunteers that will be assisting the elderly and disabled who have lost many essential services due to federal budget cuts to rural areas. Because of a generous and wonderful benefactor we are able to insure and bond all of our volunteers and he has arranged for us to acquire all of the air conditioning units (and professional installers) we will need for the elderly and families in need. It gets so hot down here in the summer months that anyone at-risk could easily die or get sick. Somany people are making huge sacrifices to help out in our community that at last night’s meeting every time we looked at one another we burst into tears of joy. I am just so excited That I had to tell someone!👍😊👍


  2. Meanwhile in the land of eternal summer we have tornado warnings and storms. Three nights of 40’s this week and then back up into the 80’s. It’s all good 😉 Enjoy that last bit of winter. It will be hot and muggy up there soon enough…