Five for Friday

I didn’t realize until a little while ago that today actually was Friday.  Score 1 for my brain as it’s used against me.

1. This has been one of those work weeks where it started out rough and just went downhill from there.  I didn’t think a new day could get lower than the day before but was I ever wrong.  So at the end of this week I I zero desire to argue with anyone.  I need to recharge somehow over the weekend.

2.  Slowly but surely my brown grass is coming out more and more.  I’m loving it.  It would be nice if we could get some rain to wash away the snow mold as it’s exposed.

3. I think it’s a Chinese food or a Calzone kinda night.  They’re speaking to me right now.

4. Spring must be close by.  I saw two swans flying overhead of me this week while I was out walking.

5.  I see the Black Birds are starting to return.  Back to scaring them away from the feeders.  Yep, Spring is close.

There ya have it.  A little late but better late than not doing it at all.