Random Thoughts for Wednesday Evening


Another busy, busy day for work which interferes with my WP time.  But it’s all good cuz work is only temporary and this too shall pass in due time.

And it was another beautiful day in this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  It was another day in the 40’s and another day of melting white stuff.  It’s good watching the water running down the street and headed towards the drain.  It was made even better finding out that I didn’t need to wear a coat after lunch since the sun felt so warm. It’s going to be like this for a while too.

Note to Self:  Self, it’s easy to get too comfortable and get sick this time of year.  Don’t be stupid.

My nurse is upping one of my meds.  God, I hate medications.  I’d like to pour them all into the toilet and flush them all. One thing that is very positive is all the times that I checked and recorded my blood pressure revealed excellent BP.  I wonder what It would take to get off of that med?

I think this is the first year in I dunno how long that I haven’t filled out a Yahoo March Madness bracket.  I never understood how some people can be so right on some of their tourney pics.



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  1. Eat healthy, less stress more exercise and definitely no hanky panky 😂
    I had a patient that used to put all her tablets in her nightgown pocket. Her daughter who happens to be a GP and did her laundry found them. She was mad as and our lovely doctor got an earful and in turn all of his nurses got one too.


  2. Evenin’, Jim,
    It sounds like win-turd is starting to peter out. We should have blooming daffodils down here… Or as we call them butter cups, before too long. In my spare time, I’ve been clearing out the flower beds and I’ve ordered my pine bark mulch, topsoil and manure. It won’t be long now! It’s a lot of fun shopping for bedding plants and hanging pots.. we have a small Greenhouse so we can shop some of the early sales without worry. 👍👍


      • we are still brushing up against the freezing point Some Nights and I would rather be safe than sorry so I’ll wait a couple more weeks to plant. I always have a lot of potted plants that I put out from palm trees to flowers. I’ve been cutting back on annuals and trying to get more perennials in the ground. 🌴🌱🌻


  3. Is this some green in between the white? What a lovely sight! 🌱

    Don’t forget to wear your coat, hat and scarf, my dear. We don’t ant you to catch a cold, do we 😷🤒

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