15 comments on “My Saturday To Do List

  1. Jim, just let me know if you need any dilithium crystals for your warp drive engines! I always keep spares on hand! I only use the extra strength dilithium crystals in order to avoid creating wormholes in space! I think Dilithium Crystals would be a great name for a rock band! How about, Louis Jordan and the Dilithium Crystals!
    I’ll bet Donald Trump uses the same password for every account, “password” or “ivanka” he’s a real dope.
    Speaking of dilithium crystals, Jim, can you speak Klingon? Us guys speak Pig Latin as our second language. We wanted to use Pig Latin as the official language of Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog but only one of our subscribers can speak it.
    We started spring cleaning the Death Star Casino this weekend and we are going to converted into The BatBoys Death Star. Well, I’ve got to run because those 50,000 Death Star toilets aren’t going to plunge themselves! there is a master switch in the Death Star cockpit that will flush all of the toilets at once and Purge the contents into outer space… We always Purge the toilets over Trump Tower in NYC! 👍👊💩😝 it’s the ultimate Monkey poop fight! Yahoo!

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    • don’t say anything about your Death Star. El Presidente will try to take it over and turn it into one of his hotels. and I heard he used “Stormy” as his password. it was that or “BabyPeePee” or maybe that’s what Stormy used to call him. it’s hard to keep that all straight nowadays. And I use Energizer Crystals cuz the bunny said they’d keep on going and going and going …

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  2. Now Jim. Surely you can remember coffee without a list! 😊
    As to off-shore account, star cruiser, el presidents……phew, what kind of weekend is this??
    Chill out my friend

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