If Jesus Had To Feed The Masse Today


I’m sure God will get me for this.  Or the ghost of some nun.  I’m not sure which one would be worse tho.

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  1. Mornin’, Jim,
    Does Jesus hand out packets of tartar sauce like McDonald’s does with its Filet-O-Fish sandwich? They never put enough tartar sauce on to suit me so I always get 4 extra packets…. did you know that McDonald’s bleaches the fish that go into the Filet-O-Fish sandwich? You know what I think, Jim? I think Mike Pence is into this McDonald’s fish bleaching business all the way up to his albino eyebrows! He and “mother” Pence spend most of their time obsessing over gay people but in their spare time I think they are bleaching Fish for McDonald’s! What color do you think that fish is before they bleach it?🐟🐠🐡🐳

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    • dunno. I just wanna know where Mickey Dees gets square fish tho. And as far as Jesus goes, I don’t think he works at Mickey Dees. He put a new roof on my house about 7 years ago, Him and Pedro and Luis and a few other guys. Did you know Jesus was from Guatemala? It’s true. He told me so.

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      • Doesn’t “Jesus of Guatemala” pronounce it differently? I think it’s a terrific name because it inspires hope every time I hear it, which I think is the intention. One of the guys that works for our utility department is named Jesus Bambi Angel and he says that his name is “a lot to live up to!” We think he’s doing a great job because he is always at our community center volunteers meetings helping everyone. 👍👊

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