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  1. I know people with polio. They have managed it quite alright through life. The generations before them it was the tuberculosis that took many young lives. Diseases are always scary. You never know when and what’s gonna hit you or why you don’t get it and stay healthy.

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  2. Not that this is nearly any where on the same scale… but now we have Chicken Pox vaccinations. I was amazed and didn’t think it possible, when the Pediatrician told us it was time for our kiddos. I was like “What? When did this happen?” I feel it’s a rite-of-passage to have these miserable , itchy bumps and have pictures of you with calamine lotion (is that the pink stuff) blotted all over the dots. Everyone has one of these Gawd Awful pictures, right? A large one popped on my forearm, and I can still see the scar faintly.

    Now…if only they can cure HIV/AIDs.

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    • yanno, there is always that plausible theory that a super virus will come out sooner or later that we have absolutely no cure for. the theory goes that the viruses are one way of nature human population in check.

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  3. Yes I remember being petrified getting the shot in school. Did you Aldo get those gels of whatever it was, castor oil maybe? They handed out at school? I’ll have to check what it was but it tasted terrible! In the sixties I had a friend who was in an iron lung because of the disease.

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  4. I remember Polio. I remember the terror. I am thinking there were a couple in my school that wore braces but for the life of cannot remember their names. I just seem them in my head.

    I knew Izhak Perlman had braces. I’ve watched him perform many times on PBS. I think one or two performances were on Seasame Street to teach handicapped are not handicapped but handiCAPABLE.

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