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  1. They say AI is gonna take over the world. I say it already has. Why does MSFT thinks we have time for endless updates whenever it suits MSFT? It’s rude not to ask if we have time for updates before starting it.”pling”

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  2. Er, turn off the ‘automatic update’ feature and you can then choose if and when you want those endless, pointless updates. I did that (never bit into the Windows 10 rotten apple in the first place; and I’ve never been overly-plagued with some “important” update crashing my computer since. It’s freeing.

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  3. hmmm…I haven’t got one yet. I have windows 10. But it should give an option to pause that update so you have enough time to save something. I don’t know if it does, but it sure should.

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    • sometimes the Apple tax is worth it. I have one system left with Windows on it and the only reason I have it is all of my genealogy information is on it.

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