So after it was all said and done …


The Ice Maiden visited and left me with at least 5 inches of wet snow.  “Yes” this is normal for this time of year for central Minnesota.  It snowed because it was too cold to rain.  The temperatures shift one way and you end up with rain.  They shift in the opposite direction and you end up with wet snow.  It’s just how we roll here.

It kinda sorta makes ya jealous, huh?  Makes ya kinda think to yourself “Wow!  I could move to there and experience that first hand instead of living vicariously thru someone else’s photos.”  I get it.  I thought the same thing.  Trust me when I tell you that even tho this is a nice place to live (yeh, we have some issues but what metro area doesn’t?) you go thru this for a couple years and you end up wondering “Why didn’t I move south?”

See, this is what happens when one is left without any adult supervision.  I blame Jason and Gary.

Oh no!!!


It’s the dreaded Windows Update blue screen thingee this morning!  And of course it wants to update when I was right in the middle of something.  I barely had time to save what I was doing before it went into the black hole never to be seen again.  Ugh!  Why does Microsoft have to have so many updates?  Ugh!

I sooooo wish I could connect my MacBook to the network so I could use that instead.