Sunday Morning


Now is the time to be brave at the market because little girls with missing teeth are once again selling cookies as you leave the store.  Just what I damn need – cookies.  There is more than enough me at this time and I don’t need any cookies.  All it will do is make even more me and I’m trying to make less of me.  But they stare at me with hopeful smiles with missing teeth and I’m weak.

I just gave them money and walked away.  I think it’s one big scam ran by mothers with little girls.

53 responses to “Sunday Morning

  1. ooh well, I think they are trying to finance their troops. You should buy, yes, why not. Scouting keeps them busy. It is a good movement. I have done things for Scouting when my daughter was there. All other mothers in her group did. I made all cushions, curtains, and other stuffs, and other mothers did other things, and we advertised the market will be at the Church on such date. And yes we sold everything and the kids got their money to go way on their trips.

    And what about this? you may want to give me an answer. What about those blogs which I presume are fake or is fake, I may never know. Getting 400 to over 500 comments at each and every posts, do you think this is real? or do you think something fishy is going on that word press has not discovered yet? And this same person wrote a post telling people she can do it and she knows how to do it. Well Happy week now!

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  2. You can buy a box for servicemen overseas. The Girl Scouts take care of delivery. I’ve been doing that the last few years, since I ate an entire box of cookies one night. That gives you a pretty good idea what my physical shape is now.

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