Saturday Afternoon



The snow and ice is slowly receding off of my lawn exposing the lawn underneath.  How long has it been since I’ve seen the grass?  I can’t actually remember and maybe it’s not that important.  What I do know is I’ll have to be making plans soon on raking the yard and cleaning up after the past Fall and this Winter.

I took a late afternoon walk to be aloe in my thoughts and to watch the changes around me.  The water from the melting snow and ice is running clear and cold down the street.  I noticed that the geese are starting to return as are a couple other water birds.  I’mm not sure where open water is other than the rivers but I suppose they have some place to go.  Regardless, it’s a good sign to see them returning.

I’ve grown to love my walks even if it recognizes the continuing struggles between parts of my brain.  But that’s OK because I just get Irish stubborn and refuse to give into it.  There will be a world of change to observe this month and I’m looking forward to seeing it.