Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain for the ultimate control of my destiny.  Let’s see …

1. The warming spell continues to stick around.  Bear in mind that “warm” for me is when it’s 40*F (4C) outside.  How funny it feels so tropical now.  At least the icky bad white stuff that we were supposed to get is now forecasted to be rain.  And just my luck I took Petey thru the car wash yesterday to get all of that dirt and grime off of her.  I guess she’s staying in the garage for those two days.

2. So there’s been a full moon lately.  That explains why some of the people that I work with have been completely nuts and appear to be going off the deep end on me.

3.  I picked up some really nice 50 cal ammo cans off of Amazon.  They’re great for storing things.  GIs find lots of uses for a lot of stuff from our old life.  Some things I find just a wee bit odd now out here in the world.

4. I keep watching for a yellow Cardinal now.  I still haven’t seen one yet.  I told my oldest daughter that I may be able to attract one to my feeders if she bought me that new camera lens that I want.  Yeh.  She didn’t buy into that logic either.

5. I may be taking Petey in to have her new wheels (rims) put on her to spiff her up and make her sparklie from front to rear once again.  I’ve been waiting so the old wheels could take the winter grime instead of these new ones.  I keep hedging cuz I think I’d be pushing my luck and inviting the return of that icky bad white stuff if I hurried this along.

Well, there a have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “Hidey Ho & Hidey Hey!” when you pass thru.  🙂