I’ve been hearing a robin singing in the morning somewhere nearby when I’m out for my first walk of the day.  I’m so pumped up and all I have to say is “OH HELL YEH!!!

Here’s why I’m all pumped up for those who are curious about my reaction to a bird.  A robin is a migratory bird for those of us living in the US midwest.  They leave every Fall to winter down south and then return for the Spring. Folklore (or an old wive’s tale) is you know Spring is close when you see your first of the year.  The folklore is right for this year hopefully.

Oh yeh, I took that pic in March of last year.  I’ve heard the Robin singing, I just haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. Since I moved to Britain, I’ve had to readjust my idea of what a robin is, because it’s not at all the same bird. The only connection is the red breast. The British robin stays around all year and shows up on Christmas cards (although I admit, that’s not the robin’s choice) because it’s such a cheery sight in the dark part of the year. And it sings–beautifully.

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  2. Hmmm, the flocks of drunken robins have not passed through here on their way north yet. Maybe they took a different route this year since the palm berries have not fermented due to lack of rain and there would be no reason for them to stop unless they could get drunk. At any rate, I hope you are right and your spring is nearby, just around the corner and all that.

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  3. well I’m still waiting for Winter to rear its ugly head again here in Kentucky as we have had unseasonably warm Spring-like temps here for days on end! If it keeps this up things are going to try to bud and then it’ll frost and maim things if not kill them! Not to mention confuse the birds! :((

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