Tuesday Morning


I was reading one of Danny’s posts today and he mentioned how many days in a row that he has posted on his WP.  You can read it here if you would like.  Give him a follow if you would while you’re there.  So I was curious and went back and checked just how many days in a row that it’s been for me.  Today makes …

1,200 days in a row.

Not bad, huh?  And “No” I’m not looking for any “congrats!” or anything like that.  I was simply curious and nothing more.  The number above is about all he and I would have in common with WP and nothing more.  His WP, like so many others, garnered a large number of followers for multiple reasons; mainly due to his efforts and hard work.  I’ve also noticed that some start a blog here and 6 months later they’re well over 2,000 or 3,000 followers while mine grows at a snails pace.

Am I jealous?  I think it would be fair to say that all of us have some degree of ego with doing this and it does become a head scratcher for me at times wondering how they manage to grow so quickly.  But at the end of the day, I have to admit that a lot of us have followers that follow us and are never heard or seen ever again.  Pus, I’ll be honest and openly admit that I have no clue how someone like Danny manages that large number of followers that he has.  I have enough problems with managing what I do have.

Maybe the lesson to be learned is a smaller following is better deal for a lot of us.  My view is it’s more intimate and easier to know people.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Regardless, here’s another post for another day.  🙂


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  1. You are right. Growing a blog takes many hours of work. When you grow to much there’s never enough time to visit all followers blogs. You loose the everyday check up on your wp friends. So blogging is not all about growing in stats. Blogging is about meeting people from all over the world, learn from their stories and talk to them. “Pling”

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  2. I’m with you on that one … I don’t think I could manage much more than I do, and I have no idea how peeps manage to grow their numbers that fast??!! Maybe its like Instagram and you can buy a whole bunch of followers from somewhere lol.

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  3. how did you check the days?
    Got ur point about followers.
    I follow hell lots of ppl, i guess min 30 a day lol sometimes 50 :)) from them 30% always follows back, thats allow me to grow the blog (of coz i have a separate email i never open, bcz all notifications about posts coming there.. just imagine how many posts a day haha, so what i do: I simply check posts on WP-reader or my feed, or ppl who liked or commented on my post). But in general it is usually same ppl who comments and reads ur posts: maybe 100-300 lol I dont know what others are doing :))))

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  4. I don’t look at stats. I write for myself. If I have new followers told to me by wp, I check them out. I love seeing new icons on the likes and I love love comments but it takes a lot of time. I just usually have that time.

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  5. 1200 days in a row is a lot. It could be a record. Don’t you ever get sick, or have your internet go down? I now have quite a few followers, and I try to visit their sites at least once a month, and I reply to all comments. I agree, that there are new followers, who are there one day, and are gone the next. I went and checked some of my old followers, and found that many had stopped blogging. Smaller is often better, when you have some really great people following you.

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    • I made it a habit of posting every day for personal reasons and it includes when I travel. and I use my iPhone as a hot spot if I lose i-net connectivity. I never thought about what a string I could be having until I just checked out of curiosity.when I did the math, all I thoughts was “Well, I declare!”


  6. I blog twice a year and the couple of followers I have have to be told to read them so…. hahaha. Actually I blog in another place and have lots of followers, but only a few who comment and I blog there at least once a month. Wonder what I am doing wrong ??? LOLOLOL 😉

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  7. Yeah…I wonder too…and there was a time I got to know this blog that grew that I kept wondering. After a while I just dropped that thought. It’s okay to be…somewhat jealous, but the magic is to keep doing your thing. Learn from others if you want to, but just keep on with your thing.

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