Miss Anna’s Sunshine Blogger Challenge

Miss Anna receive one of them Sunshine Blogger Awards and issued a challenge per se to all to answer her questions.  I’ll give her questions a go and suggest you check out her WP and give her a follow if you aren’t already.  Let’s see …

1. How close to your dreams of life are you?  I’m way off.  I wanna be 5′ 10″ tall, good looking and rich so I can travel and meet people.  I’m 0 for 3 so far.

2. If you’re not close, what’s stopping you getting there?  A winning lottery ticket.

3. If you’re close, how did you get there?  It would be via dumb luck if I got close.

4. What achievements in life are you proud of?  Not getting thrown in jail (well, not since I was 19 but that was a drunk tank so I don’t think that counts), consistently keeping my kids confused and having weekly secret conversations with his holiness the Pope.  Forget that I mentioned the last one.

5. How do you find courage to not always follow the main stream?  I concluded a long time ago that the ones that follow the mainstream are suffering from some sort of space alien hypnosis and those of us that don’t will be the ones that will have to defeat a space alien attack and save the earth.

6. Who and/or what do you use as a map in your life to find the right ways?  I use a MapQuest app since I found that Siri is so unreliable … unless I have her talk to me with an English or Australian accent.  Then I think she’s sexy.

7. Are you normal? (This is a trick question. I haven’t met anyone yet who claimed they’re perfectly fit for the definition of normal, so I wonder what is normal?)  Normal” is soooo boring.  Isn’t is mucher more betterer to be unique???

8. What do you believe is gonna save our planet from humans destroying the planet?  I want one of those big alien vacuums so I can suck all of the smog out of the sky.  Then I want one of them space alien hovercrafts with some of those laser blasters so I can blast all of the trash out of the sea.  Then I want to cover all politicians in BBQ sauce and feed them to Great White Sharks.  Hey!  Sharks hafta eat too yanno.

9. What’s important in life for you?  Chocolate.

10. Do you support friends and family in difficult times or do you run away scared of the situation?  I’m not scared of anything but women and the poh-leese.  Otherwise I’m not scared of nuttin.

11. What did you think of these questions? Please answer honestly. Asking questions is not my strong side at all.  Let’s have some tea instead of talking about questions.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment.  Make sure you visit Miss Anna’s WP.  🙂

41 responses to “Miss Anna’s Sunshine Blogger Challenge

  1. Jim, I do love your answers to all the questions! 100%.:)
    I have been laughing ( a happy laugh ) all the way through reading it. Great with someone so different.
    By the way, why not chocolate and coffee together.

    P.s. Don’t forget the baking and coffee party tomorrow

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