Thursday Lunch


So I was sitting at my desk eating a turkey and cheese sammich for lunch while looking out my window.  Yep.  We’re definitely late season winter now.  It’s trying to snow but it’s really coming down as a flurry and even that doesn’t want to last very long.  I look into the grey sky and think “These don’t even look like snow clouds.” but it still somehow manages to come down every now and then.

It will be like that from here on out.  It will snow because it’s too cold to rain.  But it’s still February and I’m rushing the season for central Minnesota.  I can’t help it.  February was usually the last month that we’d get this icky bad white stuff down home.  WE used to always joke that “March” was an Indian word meaning “Mud“.  It was always muddy in March or so it seemed.  The guys that I went to school with would comment that their Dads were frustrated because they couldn’t get in the fields to do some work while we concentrated on March Madness and the Iowa Boys and Girls State Championship games.  The older ladies in the neighborhood would be working on their gardens so they could get their peas planted come St. Patrick’s Day.

Oh well.  Six more days left in this month but who’s counting?  OK, I am.