Wednesday Morning


My bunny is making a lot of tracks in the snow with its comings and goings to the feed dish.  I usually catch sight of it right before my bed time as it sits out underneath the deck chairs that I have stored under the deck for the winter.  I know it’s healthy because the feed dish is almost always empty in the morning.  I’ll refill it but I have some old carrots that I’ll put out so it can feed on them as well.

Any bets on what will be left come tomorrow morning?

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning

      1. bunny has the feed bowl refilled and I put out some old carrots for it as well. I’m wondering if they’re clubbing out there given all of the footie prints I found in the snow today.

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      1. Hahahaha I was joking, I don’t eat bunnies either. People do here, I just can’t. I’ve never had squirrel, they’re too fluffy and cute, not sure I could lol Portuguese people are crazy, we (read: not me!) eat birds and pigeons and rabbits. We would eat your grandmother if you’d let us

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      2. no worries. I’m sure I’ll feel Grandma smacking upside the back of my head later on today. she’s blame me for being a hooligan and corrupting you.


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