My Weekend To Do List

1. Make a “To Do List”.

2. Check off the first thing cuz it’s done.

3. Realize how awesome it is that I’ve already gotten two things done that I can now check off.

4. Reward myself with a nap.

5. Check that off when I wake up.

6. Realize that I’ve gotten those two things done plus #3 and I’ve now checked off six things.

7. Reward myself with a cookie.

Life is good!  I bet Jason wishes he thought of a list like this.  Ha!  Time to blame Gary once again dude.

17 thoughts on “My Weekend To Do List

  1. Now that’s my kind of ‘to do’ list! Thanks for making me feel better about myself. I was starting to think I was completely not goal oriented after reading some people’s lists!

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    1. I know. I gotta get this done so we can do dinner at some nice gasthaus so you can introduce me to some attractive single German lady and coach me while you’re at it so I don’t screw up the meeting.

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      1. Hurry up 🙂 It’s already evening.
        And there’s a lot of nasty white stuff coming down. So it’s going to be nice and cosy in the brewery 😉

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