Five for Friday


OMG this is so late for today!  Talk about having one busy a** day of work.  Let’s see if my brain will cooperate now.

1. I managed to get on my director’s bad side this week.  Yea me!!!  I’d normally celebrate this as an accomplishment but I remembered that it’s really not hard for me to get on this guy’s bad side.  He can be such a jerk at times and he really hates it when people won’t kowtow to him.  Yeh.  Some kid from Iowa with Irish blood in him kowtowing to him?  Yeh.  Like that will ever happen with this kid.

2.  Critter Report:  Last night I had a bunny resting under the deck after feeding at the bunny dish and another eating up all the bird seed that the birds kicked off the feeders.  Both looked fat and healthy.  That make me feel good.

3. It’s a beautiful blue sky day in central Minnesota today.  Too bad the temperatures don’t match it.  It’s a tropical 14*F (-10C) out there and the cool wind nips at exposed ears.  Brrrr!

4. Man, I need a haircut.  I’m starting to look like a hippy.  Does anyone use the word “hippy” any more?

5. We may get a little more of that icky bad white stuff come Monday.  Hopefully it won’t be a lot and hopefully it would be even better if we didn’t get any at all.  But I do have to concede that the white stuff fills the lakes and ponds around here and it also helps provide the water that we drink.  I keep reminding myself that Spring officially starts next month.  Maybe the Ice Maiden will disappear next month.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a happy “TGIF JIM!” on your way thru if’n ya want.

20 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Mornin’, Jim,
    Wishing for spring reminds me of that old Republican motto; ” place all of your wishes in one hand and piss in the other hand and see which hand gets full first.” This is also known as Donald Trump’s “art of the deal” Republicans are a “fun” group especially for those people who think school children should be shot. It’s a topsy-turvy world we’re living in. Now I’m hearing on NPR Weekend Edition a lot of cheering for Mitt Romney’s Senate run in Utah… we need another billionaire sociopath in Washington… do you remember when he ran for president with Paul Ryan as his running mate and they were going to put an end to Medicare, Social Security And Medicaid? now there’s a breath of fresh Republican air for you. NPR-s Scott Simon says that Mitt Romney is a shoe-in for Senator because he criticizes Donald Trump and yet agrees 100% with Trump’s agenda. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Mitt Romney criticizes Trump for not cutting billionaires taxes enough… I think Zombie Invasion movies are a metaphor for Republicans.
    Jim, I feel like we’re going to have an early spring this year…

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