Thursday Night

Well we are done with single digit temps during the day for a while.  Mind you I said “during the day“.  I made no mention of overnight temps but since I stay indoors during the night under some warm blankets, then I guess we won;’t pay them no mind.  Except of course in the early hours of the day when I know it will be a tad … brisk … out there.

I really hate this part of winter even more than before.  Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw and what was pristine looks even worse now that whatever had gone thru that cycle before is exposed once again.  It’s not pretty.  It’s just plain dirty looking.  It will be good to see this good away either by rain or by melting.  Too bad the snow mold will show before we get some good rains to wash it away.

Oh yeh.  I keep tell myself that the sweets ban is just like when I quit smoking and I just have to wait it thru for a few more days and it should get easier.  I think it was easier to quit smoking than quitting chocolate.