Ash Wednesday


It’s a beautiful Ash Wednesday morning here in central Minnesota.  The sun is rising higher every day and it’s out and warm today.  It feels so good to get out and feel the warm sun on my face even tho the breeze still feels cool.  But it helps to wear a black hoody which soaks in the sun rays.  It’s funny how 33*F (1C) can feel so warm and tropical now.  It must be getting closer to Spring because the city crews came out and hauled off the big pile of snow that was at each end of the street that I live on.

So it’s another Ash Wednesday and I think Miss Lisa was a tad surprised that even tho I’m a non-practicing Catholic that I still observe some things.  Soda and sweets are now off the diet platter for me for this Lent.  It will be a long time until Easter but it should help the waistline.  It’s kind of funny how as I get older I’m draw back little by little into my catechism beliefs that the nuns taught us years ago.  I’m sure a few of them are having a good chuckle right now if their is a heaven.

12 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

      1. And what about the 40 days of nö sweets, no alcohol, vegetarian meals only and of course no marital duties either?
        Or you could do the fasting as the medieva monks did. They had a big jug of strong beer instead of their meals 😉

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      2. hmmm. I haven’t been drinking much because of the meds, so that’s not an issue. I said no sweets but I’ll probably die from a lack of them. the pope said we could eat meat a long time ago. and marital duties? as in sex? I’m supposed to be having sex? don’t a need a woman for that? (no I don’t swing the other way)

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      3. Oh, you’ll get used to not eating sweets. You can always eat some fruit or wholemeal bread instead 🙂
        I am sure there are plenty of women around your place who would be more than happy to go out with you. Who wouldn’t?

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