Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


I thought it was interesting how the frost formed a nearly perfect circle on the rim of the bird bath.  You really can’t tell from the angle of the camera but trust me on this one.  I also noticed some dark blue grey clouds in the northern sky this morning.  They’re good as long as they stay to the north.  Especially since you can smell the moisture in the air.  That means more of that icky bad white stuff for someone.

Big Boy is starting to be an old cat.  I’ve noticed that he’s becoming more social when he’s awake and then he’s always looking for a soft place to lay when he’s wanting to nap.  I’m surprised that he’s not sprawled out in front of the fire place since it’s on.  Maybe the floor is too hard for him now.  It’s something to talk to the vet about on his next vet visit.

I’m gonna be hating tomorrow.  Maybe it’s why I find it difficult to find to focus and come up with something to write about in a post.

Income taxes are all figured out and I know now what I have to pay El Presidente this year.  Governor Dayton owes me a refund on what I paid in to Minnesota last year. I’m sure that I’ll be writing out a check to him next year tho.

My walking times have gotten faster lately.  That’s good news I think.  Now I’ll have to add an extra lap in there to get the full 15 minute credit for each one.  Plus it’s getting me ready for the “big walk” that I’ll be attempting once again come Spring.  That one is making me a bit nervous right now.  That’s a mile down and then a mile back.

Okey dokey.  Back to being a working bureaucrat.