Sunday Afternoon


So the girls spent last night here and we got to spend some time outdoors since the wind wasn’t so bad as compared to the previous days.  One advantage to having this icky bad white stuff on the ground is all of the little critters that come to pay a visit almost always leave their tracks in the snow.  SO we had to explore what came to visit since they were really curious about them.

I was almost amazed at how quickly they picked up the differences in the tracks and fairly soon I was able to point to some various tracks and they would tell me if the were:

  • Bunny tracks in the snow
  • Squirrel tracks in the snow
  • Bird tracks in the snow
  • Mouse tracks in the snow.

And then we found some other tracks that they thought were dog tracks.  We looked at them together and showed them how they were tracks left by Foxy Loxy who was probably out looking for a meal or two either last night or the night before.  I told them that the fox was either looking for a bunny or was searching for some mice.  I didn’t notice any face plants in the snow so I’m pretty sure the mice has scurried off when it approached.

They lost the attention to the lesson just like any other seven year old would do and ran off to explore around the bushes and under the pines to see what they could find.  I let them run around in the snow just like Momma used to do to us boys when we were about their age.  It’s too bad we live in an urban area instead of on the edge of the town like we did when I was growing up.  I think they would have a lot of fun exploring the woods and the meadows and the frozen creek like we did when we were young.

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